About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you


Quality, craftsmanship and the finest fabrics in your very home

As the majestic black buck (nilgai) walks across the Indian grasslands and forests in search of water and fresh herbs to sustain itself, our brand seeks emulate the nilgai’s curiosity and indomitable spirit to bring together styles from across the world and combine them with our entrepreneurial spirit and history of craftsmanship to create some of the best, avant-garde designs to life and spread them across the subcontinent.

Our History

Founded in 1999, but with a family legacy stretching back to 1954. We here at Spartan trends have always understood the importance of textile in our daily lives, with clothing, home furnishings, bedding and all being products which we produce with the highest quality and comfort in mind.

After many fruitful years of business with wholesalers and retailers, we now seek to bring our quality products to people’s homes through our brand- Neilguy, a venture which seeks to push the frontiers of fashion design in India by offering a wide rotating range of products which combine our long tradition of craftsmanship with modern sensibilities and aesthetics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that we push the edges of fashion by creating the most vibrant and colorful clothing to your homes. To this end, we as a brand promise to

● Ensure a vibrant and rich selection of styles and patterns of clothing for everyone, while also being dynamic and energetic by offering a rotating selection of clothing across the year to ensure we continue to pursue the very cutting edge of fashion.

● We also promise to use the finest fabrics along with quality craftsmanship to ensure that our products will dazzle and impress everyone you meet.

● With over half a century of experience, our products are a living testament of our history and aptitude in fabrics, and are a great timeless asset for any home- be it traditional or modern.